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Blazing Star Kennel's Labradoodles and Goldendoodles
Meet The Moms and Dads


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Our breeding dogs are selectively picked by us according to appearance, temperament and character. We are proud to introduce to you the moms and dads of all our Labradoodle and Goldendoodle litters!

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Brandy is a female Yellow Labrador Retriever. She has a Level 1 obedience certificate thus far. She is a beautiful girl and has produced some wonderful Lab puppies in the past. She has a wonderful temperament and is very outgoing.  Her puppies are posted throughout the website!


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Hazel is a female Chocolate Lab with the eyes of a goddess! She is a very laid back girl who loves to play fetch, as well as keeping my children entertained for hours. She has a very sweet disposition and was labeled as our son's favorite the second he laid eyes on her! You can see some of Hazel's past babies on our Labradoodle page!



Tanner is our gorgeous white/cream Standard Poodle.  He is an incredibly sweet and extremely gentle dog.  He is absolutely incredible with the kids.  We are very excited to have him on our breeding program, you can see some of his Doodle babies on our Goldendoodle and Labradoodle pages. 



Kahlua is a fairly light coloured Chocolate Labrador, she almost the colour of milk chocolate and has the sweetest disposition.  She's a very gentle girl who loves attention and adores being scratched under the chin. 



Zorro is an incredibly handsome Sable Phantom Standard Poodle.  He has an amazing disposition and comes with a sweet, gentle and patient temperament.  He has been a key socializer with our Doodle puppies.  He has more energy to play and cuddle then any puppy I've ever met before.  He will be siring some of our Doodle litters later in 2003, giving us some chocolate pups at last!!



Bones is also one of our own 1st generation Labradoodles.  His parents are Brandy and Tanner.  Bones will be backbred to Fancy our female Poodle in the future.  Bones is a very happy and playful boy who loves other dogs as well as our kids.



Fancy is a dark apricot and white tuxedo parti Standard Poodle.  She is a sweet, loveable girl who believes she is a lap dog.  She is most definitely a fabulous addition to our family.  Fancy will be backbred to Bones in late 2004 giving us a litter of F1B Labradoodles.



Waffles is one of our new Golden girls.  She and Trixie have the same sire who is a beautiful irish setter red colored Golden with a big blocky head.  Waffles has more of her dam's features with a smaller head.  She will turn out to be a light to medium red in color.  She is very laid back, happy and loves to cuddle.  We look forward to some Goldendoodles from her in 2005. 


Rodeo is a dark red mismarked Standard Poodle.  Mismarked meaning that he has a white patch on his chest and white toes on one back foot.  He is a "personality-plus" puppy with more attitude than any other.  The name Rodeo suits him perfectly as he is a goofy clown, who loves to play and romp.  Rodeo will be bred sometime in 2004 to give us gorgeous red Goldendoodles and hopefully some red Labradoodles as well. 



Magic is a female Black Lab. She is very quiet and well-behaved, she has the looks of a Hunting Lab, but with a wonderful disposition. Magic is a very happy mother, pictured above with her first litter of puppies from which we have kept Comet, a female Labradoodle.  Pictures of her puppies can be seen on our Labradoodle page.



Cinnamon is one of our gorgeous Golden girls. As you can see she is a beautiful rich gold with the sweetest temperament in the world! She absolutely adores getting her face rubbed and kissed and is great with children.  You can see her past babies on our Goldendoodle page!



Ember is a breathtaking red/apricot female Standard Poodle.  She has the most amazing personality and loves everyone.  She has had purebred Poodle pups in the past and will be bred with Bones to give us F1B (backbred) Labradoodles.  Ember is incredibly smart, happy and loves to lie by my feet while I work.  Her puppies will be outstanding!



Autumn is a reddish-gold Golden Retriever, she is the darkest of our Golden Retrievers.  She has always been a very sweet girl who has lots of love to give and is very gentle.  She will hopefully be giving us some reddish coloured Doods in 2003.



Goose is a breathtaking Yellow Labrador Retriever.  She is adorable and has a temperament to match.  Her tail never stops wagging because she is always happy.  She loves to meet new people as well as socialize with the Doodle puppies.  



Comet is one of our own 1st generation Labradoodles, her parents are Magic and Ashes.  Comet will eventually be silver in colour.  Once she is fully grown she will be backbred to either Tanner or Zorro to produce an F1B Labradoodle.  Comet is an incredibly happy puppy who is unbelievably friendly, outgoing and highly intelligent.  She is a welcome addition to our family!!



This is Hayley and her owner Janelle.  Hayley is one of our own 1st generation Goldendoodles, her parents are Peaches (now retired) and Tanner.  She is a very loving girl who adores the kids (all our dogs do, so that's nothing new!!).  Hayley will be bred to Zorro or Ashes when she is old enough to give us some F1B Goldendoodles. 



Trixie is another new Golden girl.  She and Waffles are half-sisters.  Trixie has more of their sire's features and will probably have the blocky Golden Retriever head.  We expect her to become dark red in color as her sire was.  She is also incredibly laid back and gets cuddled all the time.  She is very happy and confident.  We look forward to some of Trixie's pups coming in 2005 also.



As you can see, we are currently only breeding 1st generation Doodles because we believe that a 1st generation cross brings out all the best traits of both parent breeds and virtually eliminates any genetic disorders.  We will be offering the occasional litters of backbred Labradoodles and Goldendoodles beginning in spring/summer 2004,  they will be slightly more hypoallergenic.  Either way you will get a puppy that has the intelligence and trainability of the Poodle and the friendly, easy-going nature of the Labrador Retriever or Golden Retriever. The best from both worlds!

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