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Blazing Star Kennel's Labradoodles and Goldendoodles


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We have been entrusted with a litter of 1st generation Border-Poo (Border Collie/Standard Poodle cross) puppies.  We have 2 females and 3 males looking for loving homes.  These pups are very similar in looks to the Labradoodles, they have thick wavy to slightly wavy coats.  They are black in colour with the Border markings on the chest, toes and some sprinkling of white on their muzzles.  They have wonderful temperaments, are very friendly and happy.  They cuddle in as soon as you pick them up.  The dam is a purebred Border Collie and the sire is a purebred White Standard Poodle.  Their breeder was leaving on vacation and didn't want to leave the pups behind so they asked us if we could sell the pups for them while they are away.  The puppies are on our premises, in our attentive care and receiving lots of love as do our own Doodle babies.  Take a look at their pictures and let us know if you would be interested in adopting one of these little cuties!!

Yellow collared male
8-1/2 weeks old

Pink collared female
8-1/2 weeks old

Rainbow collared female
8-1/2 weeks old

Red collared male
8-1/2 weeks old

Green collared male
8-1/2 weeks old